Artistís Statement

John C. Saam

Feb 2007


I am a retired scientist residing in Midland Michigan who enjoys art as a primary retirement activity.  Inspiration is drawn from the classic masters as well as the modern realists.  Emphasis is on portraiture.  While topics may vary, the human face and its many nuances are important components of my drawings.  Generally, topics will reflect lifeís experiences and humor.  Science may sometimes creep into the design.  Subject matter comes largely from photographs, newspaper clippings, etc.  Whatever the source,  drawings are typically embellished with a dose of interpretation and imagination.  It is also important to inform myself of the drawing's subject during the creative process.  This develops a story associated with the finished piece.


My training in art has been limited to various books on art and a few locally taught art courses.  Graphite and colored pencil are my favorite media but there is continuing experimentation with pastel, acrylics and watercolor.  A method found for bringing out vivid  colors involves the use of a watercolor painting as a ground for colored pencil drawings of the same subject.  My pieces are shown from time to time in local galleries and businesses, some having received awards at juried art shows.