Well, actually, this page provides a link for two educational songs about fishing and marriage:



Credit goes to the group "Da Yoopers."  The Yoopers are a legendary band from the Ishpeming, UP Michigan.

These songs are for educational purposes only, and may not be copied. 

How were we inspired to study this topic?  During July 2005, we made a trip to Paradise, MI in the Upper Peninsula (UP).  We also visited friends and family in the Lower Peninsula.  We completed our travels with a visit to Hell, Michigan.  Michigan is probably the only State in the Union where you can go to hell and back in less than a week! (click the pictures for a bigger view)

We visited Grandma and Grandpa in Midland.  We walked the "Rail-to-Trail" and the "Tridge." The girls snuck a quick dip in the Dow Gardens water falls.


There's even bigger bridges and falls in the UP!


The UP still enjoys many unspoiled beaches.  The water wasn't too cold in shallow Whitefish Bay.


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