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This is the cyber home of some people whose last name is Saam.  Information on this web site is for personal and educational purposes only, and can not reproduced or modified without the consent of the authors.

See the official family seal: visit Grandpa's Gallery (Updated March, 2019)

Key Lime know-how and recipes from the Saam's Key Lime orchard (Updated Jan, 2013)

Managing the "m" in your 1/2mv^2 (New as of Sept 5, 2010, Updated Jan 2020)

Chihuly at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (Updated June, 2015)

Lost Skills Test: can you read "drafting table" engineering drawings? (Updated Dec 24, 2009)

Listen to Victoria's Graduation Speech (New as of June 19, 2010)

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Daytona to Charleston Race (Updated Aug 1, 2008)

Bach for Bars ( Feb 18, 2007)

Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson, as performed by the Community Band of Brevard (Updated Feb, 2007)

Tour Hurricane Katrina Sites  (Oct 2005)

See money go up in smoke: Fourth of July Fireworks Video: KABOOM!!! (July 2005)

Vital Discourse regarding the Ontology of Ichthyological Anthropomorphism (Updated Oct 24, 2005)

Dreaded Florida Hurricanes of 2004

Dude Ranch Visit (July 2004)

Entropy in Egypt: A Holiday Nile Cruise (Feb 2003, Updated links Jan 6, 2013)

Learn about Guyana and enjoy a few pictures (Aug 2000, Links Updated Sept, 2010)

Learn about Photon Torpedoes (March, 2002)

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